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Why are students leaving my homestay?

Students from some countries often feel uncomfortable bringing up issues that bother them, and usually choose to simply leave for another homestay than raise the issue. Sometimes this is cultural because they don't want to give the impression that they are confrontational or complainers. Other times, this is simply a confidence problem and they don't feel that their language skills are good enough to effectively raise the issue.

If you experience a lot of students leaving your home after a short time, we suggest being proactive and asking new students what you can do about your home to make it better after they've been there a few weeks. Students may not feel comfortable speaking about their concerns but generally open up if you initiate the conversation.

Who can provide a homestay?

Ideal hosts are friendly and interested in travelling and learning about world cultures. Parents with children are the most common, but single parents and retired parents also host foreign exchange students.

Since students are visiting to learn the local language, it is important that the host family speaks the language the student wishes to learn at home.

How much time should I spend with my students/guests?

Students choose homestays because they want to learn and experience the culture of the country they are visiting. The best rule of thumb is to spend as much time with your students as you would your children. This generally includes eating dinner together and having quality conversations with your students.